Motorhomes_Big_Work_Trucks_002NOMAD POWER Mobile inverters offer AC power for recreational and work vehicles and work sites where line power  is unavailable or unreliable.


NOMAD POWER offers mobile power solutions for all types of recreational vehicles (includes motorized and towable RVs), utility vehicles, heavy trucks, emergency vehicles and work sites and ensures clean, quiet AC power that will allow you to enjoy the comforts and convenience of AC power without worrying about relying on line power or unwelcome noise.


Marine 1000 B106 (60Hz)
Marine 2000 B206 (60Hz)
Marine 2500 B256 (60Hz)
Marine 3000 B306 (60Hz)
Marine 4000 B406 (60Hz)
Marine 5000 B506 (60Hz)
Marine 6000 B606 (60Hz)
Marine 1000 B105 (50Hz)
Marine 2000 B205 (50Hz)
Marine 2500 B255 (50Hz)
Marine 3000 B305 (50Hz)
Marine 4000 B405 (50Hz)
Marine 5000 B505 (50Hz)
Marine 6000 B605 (50Hz)