C2 CARBON Renewable Energy Storage

Nomad Powers use of Lead Carbon technology in the C2 CARBON Renewable Energy Cell provides a very flexible battery, its charging voltage range is wide and matches commonly available charging equipment. Together with extremely long cycle life surpassing all but the best lithium batteries available. Make it the most cost effective choice for long life energy storage applications by a wide margin.

The Nomad Power C2 CARBON has an extreme long design life (10 years) with zero maintenance required. Created for long life high cycle application such as solar and wind powered renewable energy storage. The Nomad Power C2 CARBON is suitable for solar and wind powered homes, TV/Radio stations and solar powered equipment. Additionally the High Cold Cranking Amps available make it suitable as a long-life dual use battery for marine and motorhome use.

The C2 CARBON combines the convenient and compact 12V form factor, with the ability to preserve battery capacity under the most extreme cycling conditions at a level normally only associated with 2V cells. Use the C2 CARBON for long life, high cycle applications such as solar powered renewable energy storage.

C2 Carbon 140AH Battery


12V 220AH C2 CARBON Renewable Energy Cell
12V 140AH C2 CARBON Renewable Energy Cell
12V 85AH C2 CARBON Renewable Energy Cell