OFF GRID HOMESVG Independent_Power_System_009

NOMAD POWER’s off-grid inverters and chargers are designed to provide a reliable 50 Hz/60 Hz AC power for homes in secluded or far-flung locations, as well as mini-grid and village power. Additionally, it may also be used as back-up power for homes and small business establishments.


Marine 1000 S106 (60Hz)
Marine 2000 S206 (60Hz)
Marine 2500 S256 (60Hz)
Marine 3000 S306 (60Hz)
Marine 4000 S406 (60Hz)
Marine 5000 S506 (60Hz)
Marine 6000 S606 (60Hz)
Marine 1000 S105 (50Hz)
Marine 2000 S205 (50Hz)
Marine 2500 S255 (50Hz)
Marine 3000 S305 (50Hz)
Marine 4000 S405 (50Hz)
Marine 5000 S505 (50Hz)
Marine 6000 S605 (50Hz)